What is Asthma?

Asthma, the airways to the lungs (bronchi) is a disease affecting. This is the air we breathe airway from the nose to the lungs is reached. This phenomenon easily occurs in a healthy person is breathing. Occasionally, a person is asthmatic respiratory distress occurs. During an asthma attack bronchi (airways) is narrow and difficult passage of air. These are some of the causes of airway narrowing. they are: 

     * Bronchial spasm of the muscles surrounding the airways narrowing as a result of 
     * Swelling of the membranes covering for bronchial 
     * In the airways of mucus (snot - phlegm), called sticky and the outbreak of an epidemic airway hypersecretion 
       locally blocking 

    What are the symptoms of an asthma attack? 

    When narrowed bronchi larger effort to make the work of breathing is. While bronchial narrowing of the air entering the lungs is forced out. Patients with shortness of breath or discomfort in the chest that can be expressed in the form. Meanwhile, the patient is similar to the whistling sound (buzz) makes a sound. Entered the air out of the lungs is narrowed bronchi, while the patient is under heavy load, normally inhale (breathe) used to work the neck, chest, shoulders and abdominal muscles to breathe and more frequent use. 

    What are the symptoms of asthma? 

     * Cough. Asthma is a common finding. Would cough, especially at night. Exercise, cold air can increase cough. Accumulation of mucus in the airways and cause contraction of muscles surrounding the bronchial be with. 
     * Buzz. It is a common signs of an asthma attack. Turned and walked out of the air narrowed bronchi in the lungs when you breathe out sounds. 
     * Frequent inhalation. During asthma attacks decreased and filled with mucus in the bronchi inside job difficult breathing, the patient can breathe more often. Fix it in 60 seconds, how many times your child is breathing dear; have found that an unusually large number of fine compare with the number of breaths per minute. 
     * Withdrawal of Chest Wall in leather. In more severe asthma attacks are seen. Chest wall between the ribs on the front of the neck skin and the skin may be withdrawal. This finding is detected, refer to the hospital immediately. 

    Asthma-causing conditions (stimuli) are? 

Even without knowing the precise etiology of asthma airways disease is known to be highly sensitive to certain stimuli. This stimulates the formation of the airways causing asthma attacks stimulating. These stimuli are as follows: 

    1 allergens (allergy-causing substances) 

    No harm to people who can not normally allergens, allergic asthma, a person who would be an allergic reaction when exposed. Some irritating chemicals during this reaction is carried out and is released into the interior of the airway tissues. If people with asthma and allergic asthma attack both passes. Some of these allergens are: 

House dust, house dust mites (bugs) 

     * Flower dust (pollen) 
     * Mold 

Animal dander 

  2 Infections 

    Respiratory tract infections (cold, flu) in people with asthma can lead to an asthma attack stimulate airway. These infections school and / or daycare in children who are frequent. 

    3 air change 

    Seasons change, the change in air temperature (especially cold) and humidity increases, stimulating the airways in a person with asthma can cause asthma attacks 

    Exercise 4 

    Exercise in asthmatic airways by stimulating a person can cause an asthma attack. Like running, resulting in more energy consumption 
The intense exercise types, within a few minutes can cause an asthma attack. However, so exercise in asthmatic children 
inhibition is not mentioned. Pre-exercise asthma attacks can be prevented with proper medication intake. Good asthmatic children treated 
symptoms after exercise should not be. If it is the case for the regulation of the treatment plan, tell your doctor. 

    5 irritants (irritant) 

    Some substances can irritate the bronchial who are sensitive. These substances are listed as follows: Cigarette smoke, air pollution, hair sprays, perfumes, cleaning agents and strong odors. A person with asthma living in homes where no one should be allowed to smoke. 

What are the possible complications of asthma? 

     * Asthma is a disease that usually do permanent damage to the lungs. Although the disease has been around for many years with proper treatment can be maintained as close to normal lung function. 
     * Although a lot of the bronchi in asthma problems asthma, upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, sinuses) and may be accompanied by problems related to the ear. Children with asthma, chronic nasal obstruction is often and consequently occurs ear infections and sinusitis. Appropriate treatment for the nose (nasal cleaning and some other drugs with the doctor's recommendations) that these situations can be prevented.
     * Asthma can cause some psychological problems. School absenteeism in children with severe asthma, inability to participate in sports activities and as an emergency admission to hospital during an asthma attack can cause this condition. Appropriate treatment of asthma in a child who is taken under control of these problems can be prevented. 

How is Asthma Treated? 

    With proper treatment of asthma symptoms can be alleviated. However, even the most effective treatment for asthma does not completely eliminate. The underlying cause of this disease is not found to be the precise disorder. Necessary environmental measures and disease can be controlled with medication. Doctor's recommendations, efforts and adapt the treatment if the patient's family, and he alone will not work. The most important point for the success of the treatment of asthma and the patient's family doctor is a harmony between. Treatment consists of two parts: 

    1 Landscaping: 
     Environmental factors that cause exacerbations of the disease, if your doctor will suggest you to make some environmental changes. they are: 
    a) Allergen avoidance 

House dust mite 
House-dust mites are not visible but not every home. 
-Örümcek Mites and ticks relatives of people who do not bite and do not transmit disease. 
Are now forming part of -Akar allergy. This is no longer so because the weight will not stay in the air. However, cleaning the house when they take off, enters through the nose to cause allergies. 
Where they are most commonly found in municipal bedding, pillows, carpets, sofas, bed linens, stuffed toys are inside. 
They feed on human skin rash actin. Therefore, the ideal place to live placers. 

Animal (cat, bird, dog) hair and waste 
Not only on pet allergens, down comforters, pillows and other articles made ​​from animal skins are also available. 

Mold fungus (MC) 

    Precautions to protect home allergen What are they? 

In the bedroom: 
-Bed Material and cover with an airtight bag (American cloth, synthetic fabric, etc.). 
If possible, replace with spring bed mattress. 
-Yünl Use and fluffy blankets. 
Vomiting synthetic feather pillow (fiber) Replace pillows. 
All-in bed covers, pillow cases, blankets once a week, at least 60 degrees, wash with water. 
If possible, remove the carpet and keep the place clean. If you can not remove the carpet, clean it with ingredients from your doctor will recommend. 
When the cleaning your child's away from the house or put a mask on. 
-The Keep dust more goods (books, fluffy stuffed toys, etc.) or remove it from the room or put it in the closet, keep the door closed. 
If possible air (air cooling) use. 
In-house animal feeding; If you are feeding into the bedroom cloth. 
Having a moisture meter in-home, relative humidity between 25% and 50% hold. 
-Interior Instead of filled seats, prefer wood or plastic objects. 
Choose to Move the curtain of synthetic material, not velvet. 

Kitchen, bathroom and moldy places: 
Squeeze him tight and ventilate with a detergent. 
-Neml Do not keep the carpet in place. 
-The And lower portions of the back of the toilet Keep clean and dry. 
H can not necessarily be sure to insects and mice. 

In other parts of the house: 
Remove rugs if possible. 
-Çocuğu Your sofa, armchair Do not let sleep on. 
Dust to dust using a damp cloth while you block ventilation. 
Not on the mold in the house of flowers, be sure to check. 
If possible by keeping the vent at the house dust into the air from a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that prevents one you prefer. 

     b. Avoidance of irritants: 
· In this group, the most damaging factor is smoking. A person with asthma living at home (including all rooms of the house) must never be allowed to smoke. 
· Wood and coal stoves irritant particles and odors they release, if possible, another way to warm up 
should be consulted. 
· Hair sprays, perfumes, cleaning agents, fly spray and air pollution is also irritating. If patients affected by them, contact should be avoided if possible. 

     c. Emotions (psychological stress): 
Asthmatic children a warm and friendly home environment that supports her needs. The treatment of this chronic disease of people living at home and in a good way of controlling the approach to the matter, the success of treatment increases. 

    2.İlaç Treatment: 

I. Inhaler (supplied by air) Relievers: 

a) Short-acting relievers (Ventolin, Bricanyl): 
- These drugs walls of the airways by relaxing the muscles surrounding the airways and twitch during a seizure expand it. 
- Which is sprayed into the mouth forms (inhaler) starts to act within 15 minutes, 4 hours, this effect is lost. Therefore the first drug to be used during a seizure group. 
- If used 15 minutes before exercising, prevents disease may develop during exercise. 
Anywhere extremely increases the heart rate is used at a dose (more like a cup of coffee). May be trembling hands. Children can be viewed on the growing mischief. 

b) Long-acting relievers (Serevent, Foradil, Volmax) 
- Oral (oral) or inhaler (spray) has the form. 
- Who used orally during asthma attacks with your doctor's recommendations are given for a period of 3-7 days. 
- In normal times patients who attacks Inhaler way when not in use, day or night waking from sleep shortness of breath, or coughing in cases where the buzz in the morning one time used as akşam1. 
- Used outside of your doctor's advice. 

Inhibitors II: 

a) Intal: 
- Preventive medicine. The guard prevents future. 
- It has no side effects. 
- However, these drugs do not provide a benefit to congestion of the child. 
- Initially, after 4 times per day for 3 times. 

b) İnhaleryoll steroid drugs used: (Pulmicort, Flixotide, etc.) 
- Reduces edema and swelling in the airways, prevents the formation of sticky mucus. 
- Reduces the sensitivity of the airways to stimuli. 
- Future prevent the seizures. 
- Spray the form to the shape of the body movement does not exceed the dose recommended by your doctor does not show side effects. 
- Leave a foul taste in the mouth. Rarely may lead to the formation of oral thrush. To prevent this, gargling with water is sufficient. 
- Asthma is the most effective drug treatment. 

c) oral (oral) steroids (prednol, Deltacortril) 
- Swelling in the airways and reduces edema. 
- Sticky sputum (mucus) prevents the formation of 
- Reduce the sensitivity of the airways to stimuli. 
- Ventolin of the airways, increasing the response to such a relaxing Bricanyl. 
- Possible side effects are related to the duration of use and dose. 
- And your doctor's medical advice can not be used outside the recommended dose and duration should be used. 
- During an asthma attack, the airways can be used with spray or insufficient in cases where drugs are prescribed by your doctor. 
- Usually given for a period of 3-7 days. 

  Peak Flow Meter (peak flow meter) What is it? 

  Peak Flow Meter (PFM) measure the speed of the air blown out of the lungs is a tool. During an asthma attack airlines contracted at a slower pace and thus air is blown out of the lungs. The difference in air speed (compared to normal) is measured by a PFM. PFM measured by blowing speed falls before the start of the symptoms of an asthma attack. Therefore, if you and your child learn to use the PFM if you can treat your child at home in the early stages, you can prevent emergency department visits. All children four years and older can learn how to use the PFM with little effort. 
    How to use: 
-Child Standing must be absolute. 
-İbr Is brought to zero. 
-Mouth Portion should be wrapped thoroughly with lips. 
-leather Blown by a sudden and rapid breathing. (Just like you want to put a lit candle) 
-İbr In which the number is read. 
-This Process is repeated three times, the highest values ​​are stored in separated Tracking Form. 

    How many times a day should be used? 
    Once daily in the morning before we recommend the use of drugs. However, it can also be done in the morning and in the evening before bedtime. 
    Value is always lower than in the morning for the evening will be found, this is normal. Using the convenient reach of children at the time and find the best value. This value is below the 20% increase in drug use according to the treatment plan. In the days your child is not going to go into this in order to understand better the more often you can use PFM years. In short, these tools give you the news as a barometer of the rain, there will be early warning for impending asthma attack. 

    Small Kids: 

· Inhaled drugs in young children with adapter (or nebuh are aerochamb) administration increases the drug's effects. 
· Allows your child to take the medicine easier. 
· It allows you to reach a lot of medication to the airways. 
· Bad taste of the drug reduces discomfort to occur. 
· It is easy to use. 

    Use of the adapter: 

The ABLESPAC (masked lantern): 
· Used in children up to 4 years. 
· Inhaler (drug) after shaking aerochamber part of the child's nose and mouth mask to cover the face of the insert. 
· Tighten the medicine 1 time 
· Mask breathe 5-10 times that of a child who yüzündeyk number 
· Wait two minutes after the drug again and again tighten the child's breathing 5-10 times that number. Thus, you will have made two puffs. 
Nebuh Show (unmasked dome): 
· Used in children aged 4-6 years. 
· Shake the inhaler after you insert the tip of the glass bulb. 
· Thoroughly wrap your lips mouth part. 
· Tighten the medicine 1 time (1 Puffs). 
· Take a deep breath, hold 5-7 seconds, then release it (do this process 4-5 times). 
· Wait two minutes after the medication and breathing tighten once again repeat the process. Second puff will have done so. 
Turbuhaler Usage: 
· Used in children older than 6 years old. 
· Remove the protective cover. 
· Keep Turbuhaler upright. The lower dose dial sleeve after the end of the "click" sound until you turn back again. 
· Please give out your breath, place the mouthpiece between your teeth and close your lips. 
· Breathe deep and powerful. 
· Remove the Turbuhaler from your mouth and keep your mouth closed until 10 seconds after you give your breath. 
· If a second dose is taken after doing the setup process again, repeat the same procedure. 
· Refit the protective cover. 
   Tell me in advance of an asthma attack? 

    You may recognize the first signs of an asthma attack and immediately begin treatment, you can prevent the arrival of seizures or improvement you can make in a short time. 

Some of these signs: 
- Cough, cough, especially at night 
- Runny nose, such as water 
- Dark circles under the eyes to become evident in 
- Sleep disturbance 
- Pale appear 
- Colds, flu, upper respiratory tract diseases, such as 
- PFM decrease in value 

    What should I do when a seizure? 

- You will hear a whistling sound when you breathe 
- Chest wall (especially the ribs, neck) is made up crashing includes 
- Exhalation time is prolonged 
- Breathing is more frequent 
- Cough or heard a whistling sound while breathing, 
- Night-inspiring cough, 
- Children of the known presence of early signs of seizures (black rings under the eyes, shortness of breath, frequent breathing, etc.), 
- Flow meter (PFM) fall in the value, when such symptoms; 

Bricanyl or Bricanyl Turbohaler inhaler 1 puff of 2 should be applied as the first time. 15 minutes after impact 
will begin. If improvement is not achieved, repeat drug. 
More than 6 times a day, use 2 or 4 hours before your admission to hospital to do if you need to repeat. 

Way to the hospital: 
-Protocol Hospital card number is written. 
Your -Çocuğu drugs used (if any of Ventolin Nebulizer) 
Take your form to track your -Doktoru given. 
If you stuck the kid down the road, always use Ventolin or Bricanyl. 
Calm down, do not forget your haste will benefit your child. 

   3 Immunotherapy (vaccine therapy) 
    Insect venom allergies and allergic rhinitis (hay fever) as well as long-term treatment of allergic diseases, this method is being used with success in the treatment of allergic asthma in the event are still being investigated. In carefully selected patients seen in the long term benefits that are available to support work. In our clinic, which is likely to benefit from this therapy in selected cases of asthma sublingual (under the tongue) vaccine therapy is applied. Treatment lasts at least 3 years, and patients are able to apply themselves.